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摘要:女摄影师 Alisa Verner ,原名 Художники алфавиту,现居于俄罗斯圣彼得堡。关于她的作品很有争议,然又有定评。在日本众多的摄影杂志中,有不少介紹,日本摄影家的论点勿论

女摄影师 Alisa Verner ,原名 Художники алфавиту ,现居于俄罗斯圣彼得堡。关于她的作品很有争议,然又有定评。在日本众多的摄影杂志中,有不少介紹,日本摄影家的论点勿论,西方不少专门摄影家亦不罕佳誉,选一段示之。 When's the line between erotica photography and fashion or portrait photography is very small, pictures seems even more beautiful. Alisa Verner understood this. Photographer with a lot of talent, capturing the moment, fashion is her speciality. Here’s a selection of her work revealing women nudity with sensuality, avoiding any trashing context. 試一译。情色摄影、时尚摄影与人像摄影之间的界线越来越模糊时,照片反而更具有吸引力。裸露的模特饱含着情色之韵。Alisa Verner就深知这一点。这位极具天赋的女摄影师善于捕捉瞬间,时尚与美丽就是她的专业。她拍摄的女性作品簡練、丰含着情色味,但却绝不低级。摘片叶以艳詳。澳门新萄京手机游戏 1


第十届国际大学生时尚设计盛典 招募宣传视频


'Lucia Giacani/露西亚€€贾加妮是一位在多方面展现才华的杰出女性。她通过镜头后面的女性视角寻找及表达整个宇宙的本质,她捕捉感觉,渴望和通性。她工作的原因是,作为女人反映另一个女人。她的视角

Invitation Video

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  • 自然是女性化和革命性的 - 是每一个镜头背后和所有快门都有的无声引擎。“意大利Vogue,08/22/2013



Working from her studio in Milan, Lucia has over ten years of experience in fashion photography. She was born in 1976 in a small medieval town in the centre of Italy, called Jesi. She started experimenting with photography at an early age, as a teenager she would shoot with friends in abandoned places. After studying languages in Bologna and design in Rome, she started to frequent a black and white photography night school course. It was at this point that she began to realize that the her true passion and love for photography could become a viable career option. She went on to win several prizes, in Italy and abroad for her artistic black and white photography.


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The 10th International Students Fashion Design Gala of 2019


《Russian Icons》


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《Under my skin》



After studying in Rome and a brief apprenticeship in a commercial photo studio in her hometown of Jesi, Lucia moved to Milan with the intention of becoming a fashion photographer. Lucia was able to quickly develop her style and technique by collaborating with various magazines. After a series of shoots for Vanity Fair, Vogue Gioiello and Vogue Pelle, within a short time Lucia starts to shoot regularly for Vogue Accessory.

December 18th,2018

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罗马学习结束之后,她在家乡杰西的一家商业摄影工作室做了一阵短暂的学徒,然后她搬到了米兰,目的是成为一名时尚摄影师。通过与各种杂志合作,露西亚能够迅速发展自己的风格和技巧。在为名利场,Vogue 配饰和Vogue包袋拍摄一系列短片后,露西亚开始为Vogue 配饰女装流行趋势先锋定期拍摄。



Lucia travels extensively for work from Dubai to Hong Kong but her major love is the London market. Describing her work to journalists in Italy in 2012 she said, “I think that my work isn’t typically Italian, the Italian sense of good taste, yes, but the style is edgy, surreal and personal. Something that is appreciated more abroad.”

The invitation of the 10th International Students Fashion Design Gala of 2019

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A crucial part of Lucia’s working practice is the planning that goes into every shoot, an avid sketcher, she is meticulous in her preparation. Involving the team in the creative process and creating a pleasant working atmosphere is essential, Lucia believes, for the best results. Results that are perfected in her in-house post production work that “take things to a whole new level” .

Yanching institute of Technology, a university affiliated withBeifang international education group, has successfully hosted International Students Fashion Design Galafor nine timesin succession, and created large-scale fashion design activities featuring fashion design, fashion makeup, fashion photography, fashion micro video and other fields. On the basis of the successful holding in the past, we specially plan to invite relevant professional colleges and universities from both domesticand abroad to participate in and hold the10th International Students Fashion Design Gala of 2019.

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露西亚的工作的关键部分是在准备过程中,一丝不苟和热情地为每一次拍摄计划做素描。 露西亚认为,让团队参与创作过程并创造愉快的工作氛围是至关重要的,因为这会带来最好的结果。在她的个人工作室,后期制作“将事物提升到一个全新的水平”。

一、活动目的: 为包括时装设计、时尚化妆、时尚摄影、时尚微视频、时尚配饰等时尚设计类学生搭建展现平台,展现国内外大学生的学习成果,通过专业大型活动和赛事促进时尚类人才培养,扩大时尚设计类专业在国内外的影响力。



1.Aim of the activity

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To build a display platform for fashion design students including fashion design, fashion make up, fashion photography, fashion micro video, fashion accessories and other students, to display the learning results of college students at home and abroad, through professional large-scale activities and competitions to promote the cultivation of fashion talents, expand the influence of fashion design majors at home and abroad.




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付费方法:1: 微信转账支付


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澳门新萄京手机游戏,2: 支付宝支付:支付宝账号为 [email protected]

MISS Globe密丝歌伦世界小姐大赛组委会



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2.The organizing institutions of the activity

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14 Chess.

Professional committee of costume and plastic arts of China academy of film arts

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Beijing film association

15 Legs.

Beifang international education group

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Organizing Agency:

16 M.

Yanching institute of technology

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17 Mix.

Beijing perfect power culture communication co., LTD.

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Supporting organizations: Organizing committee of China young designer entrepreneurship competition and MISS Globe world competition, Academy award of China college students advertising art festival.

18 lairnrrc.

Media support: CCTV, China education television, hebei TV, China education news, modern education Newspaper, Beijing Examination Newspaper, xinhuanetwork,hebei daily, China news, People's Daily overseas network, World wideweb, kwangmyong, hebei news, tencent, sina, sohu net, phoenix TV, netease, the central radio and television station, China traffic radio, tencent video, youkuvideo,aiqiyi video, sohu video.

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三、活动颁奖时间及地点: 时间 : 2019年5月25日 19:30-21:30 地点 : 燕京理工学院田径场


3.Time and place of the activity and awards-giving

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Time: May 25th,2019 19:30--21:30


Place: Athletic field of Yanching institute of technology.

四、活动对象: 国内外高等学校艺术设计相关专业在校大学生。

4.contestants of the activity

College students majoring in art design at home and abroad.


源€€创 主题阐述:源,即源头、来源、根源;创,即创造、开创、创新。盛典十年,追根溯源,不忘初心,用饱满的青春和梦想开创更加崭新的未来。

5.theme of the competition

Origin & creativity

Description of the theme: Origin, that is, the original source; creativity is to create and innovate. Grand ceremony for ten years, trace back to its origins, to create a more brand new future with full of youth vigour and dream and always follow your heart.

六、组委会特别奖 命题设计:源€€创€€时尚婚纱设计 奖励:“源€€创”婚纱设计奖3名

6.The special award of the organizing committee

Themed design:origin&creativity--fashionable wedding dress design

Award: origin&creativity---wedding dress design awards


7.competition settings: fashion design, fashion make up, fashion photography, fashion micro video, fashion accessories.


1.Fashion design category: one place for gold award , two places for silver award, three places for bronze award , 10 places for the honorable mentions , award of network popularity , 20 places for excellent work , ten places for the best teachers award , one place for best organizing college .


2.Fashion make up category:one place for gold award , two places for silver award, three places for bronze award , 10 places for the honorable mentions , award of network popularity , 20 places for excellent work , ten places for the best teachers award , one place for best organizing college .


3.Fashion photography category: one place for gold award , two places for silver award, three places for bronze award , 10 places for the honorable mentions , award of network popularity , 20 places for excellent work , ten places for the best teachers award , one place for best organizing college .


4.Fashion micro video category: one place for gold award , two places for silver award, three places for bronze award , 10 places for the honorable mentions , award of network popularity , 20 places for excellent work , ten places for the best teachers award , one place for best organizing college .


  1. Fashion accessories category:one place for gold award , two places for silver award, three places for bronze award , 10 places for the honorable mentions , award of network popularity , 20 places for excellent work , ten places for the best teachers award , one place for best organizing college .


Specific award Settings and award quota will be adjusted according to the number of contestants.


8.Entry requirements


  1. The overall style of the entries is modern, innovative, artistic and fashionable. The entries shall not involve politics, pornography, violence or discrimination and shall not violate the provisions of laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.


2.Specific requirements as below:


The special award of the organizing committee -- fashionablewedding dress design: at least one set of entries, the design of the wedding dress is required to be fashionable, innovative, delicate, the registration requires thesubmission of the photo from three angles, the front, side, back.


Fashion design category: at least 3 sets of entries are required, and the three sets are required to have the same theme. Creative fashion design and fashion ready-to-wear design are acceptable. One photo of fashion photography is required for registration.


Fashion makeupcategory: at least one set of entries is required,to be fashionable and innovativein makeup and hair design. The costume design is in line with the theme of makeup and hair design. For registration, an electronic version of makeup and hair film and an overall designfilm should be submitted.


Fashion photographycategory: at least 2 entries, the theme is mainly fashion photography and creative photography. The entries shall be submitted in JPG format. The single photo shall not be less than 10 million pixels, and EXIF information shall be retained.


Fashion micro videocategory: at least one entry, no longer than 10 minutes, the subject matter can be short story, documentary short, animation short, image promotional video, etc., reflect a strong sense of the times, registration requires the video linkthat has been uploaded toTencent video.


Fashion accessoriescategory: accessories include jewelry, bags, shoes and hats, etc., at least two pieces of work of one series should be submitted, and high-definition photos of each piece should be submitted for registration.


3.For the above four categories of works , , and , the organizing committee will inform the winners to send out their real works. The clothing and accessory works will be mailed to the winners after the competition, Video and picture works will not be sent back,the contestants should keep a copy.


4.All entries are recommended to be original works after July 1, 2018. All entries must be original works. One art piece is only allowed for one category. The organizing committee has the right to print, publish, publicize and use the pictures of the entries.


5.Contestants should pay close attention to the information about the process of the competition issued by the competition authorities in time, and keep the mobile phone unblocked so that the staff can inform the participants about the information of the competition.


9.Registration and contact details


Contestants have tosubmit high-definitionphotos of their works and links to micro video to the official WeChat public account for online registration of their works, fill in relevant information as required, and submit the worksawaitingfor approval. The registration period is from February 25, 2019 to March 25, 2019.

2019年4月1日€€€€4月25日,为初评与终评阶段,将按“网络投票 专家评审”相结合的形式评出获奖的作品。最终获得金、银、铜、优秀奖的参赛选手需将作品邮寄至河北省三河市燕郊迎宾北路45号燕京理工学院艺术学院汪文嘉,邮出截至时间为2019年5月1日。

From April 1, 2019 to April 25, 2019, the winning works will be selected in the form of "online voting expert evaluation" during the initial and final evaluation stages. Winners of the gold, silver, bronze and honoraryawards will be required to mail their works to teacher wang wenjia, school of art, yanching university of technology, no. 45 yingbin north road, Yanjiao, sanhe city, hebei province until May 1, 2019.

兰老师 汪老师

Contacts: Ms.lan



Official wechat account:Fashion_Ceremony


Scan or long press to identify the following qr code to follow the official WeChat public platform


International Students Fashion Design Gala Organizing Committee